• Infrared Welding

    State-of-the-art, fully servo-driven systems providing precise and accurate welds of most thermoplastics. Utilizing electric quartz glass infrared emitters, create the strongest welds possible and making us the world leader.

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  • Robotic Systems

    Being an Authorized Fanuc Robotics Integrator gives us the opportunity to use the latest and greatest robotics technology, while providing you with precise assembly or welding solutions.

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  • Fastener Driving Systems

    A proven solution of increasing manufacturing productivity while reducing the associated quality problems. HA Industries fastener driving machines are designed to be simple and repeatable.

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  • Hot Air/Cold Stake

    Fully automated conveyor systems for high volume production scenarios. This system batch assembles automotive grill components combining multiple machines utilizing the hot air /cold stake assembly process.

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Assembly Solutions

HA Industries builds some of the most rugged and longest lasting assembly equipment in the industry.

  • Pierce, Punch, Trim & Degate Fixtures
  • Fastener Driving Systems
  • Robotic Systems
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Welding Solutions

HA Industries provides a welding solution to perfectly match your application.

  • Hot Plate Welding
  • Hot Air / Cold Staking
  • Ultrasonic Welding
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Infrared Welding

HA Industries is a world leader in infrared welding technology.

  • Multiple machines to fit varying needs
  • Integrating state-of-the-art technology
  • Over 150 applications in the field
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