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Robotic Assembly Cell for Automotive Cladding

Robotic integration is the way of the future for automated assembly. Increasing quality and repeatability are key drivers for customers with large part volumes and repetitive tasks. Here at HA Industries, we have been integrating robotics into our equipment for many years. We have utilized robots with all of our assembly technologies including screwdriving, attaching clips, degating and infrared welding to name a few.

Robotic integration reduces your operator requirements. With the system demonstrated in the video below, only 3 are required. This assembly line is a double-sided operation with a total of 9 robots. The assembly begins with operators loading the part components onto the conveyor. Parts are then transported to the snap station where the premium trim level chrome insert is snapped into place. The next station, robots apply clips to designated locations on the parts. Then the parts move to an adhesive promoter that is applied via robot. The system then installs additional clips and verifies installation with multiple cameras. Parts are then transferred and picked for the application of tape strips. After the tape is applied, parts are set at a wet-out station to ensure proper adhesion. Then the parts go through a final camera inspection and are released from the assembly cell.

Contact us today to see how an assembly cell utilizing integrated robotics can complement your assembly needs!

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