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Hot-Air Cold-Stake

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Hot-Air Cold-Staking is a process of focusing hot air on a specifically designed stud or boss, which is then formed under precise pressure with a cooled metal stake. This forming can be done into a desired shape, such as a domed or flat rivet. As the stud is being formed, heat is extracted from the plastic ensuring a solid, rattle-free component assembly. With a Hot-Air Cold-Staking system from HA Industries, you'll get a controlled hot air flow for consistent and repeatable assemblies. Simultaneous stakings at various angles and multiple positions are achievable all while maintaining material integrity.  


Features & Benefits

  • Precise process control

  • Excellent repeatability

  • Tight assemblies

  • Stake multiple boses at once


  • Vehicle interior and exterior components

  • Chrome or painted parts

  • Appliance trim pieces

  • Badging components

  • Electrical components

  • Medical devices

  • Decorative assemblies

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