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Automotive Grilles and MODifiable Equipment

At HA Industries, assembly equipment for automotive grilles, and more specifically truck grilles, have become a bit of a specialty, if not an expertise of ours. We have worked with multiple tier-one manufacturers providing machinery for everything from low to high volume production. Our equipment has been instrumental for all the major manufacturers such as Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram, Toyota and Nissan, to name a few.

Automotive grilles can invoke multiple assembly technologies:

· Etc.

One particular piece of equipment that has been instrumental in automotive grille assembly, and also fully designed and developed by HA Industries, has been the HA-ModXL. This machinery allows for multiple tooling packages to be ran in one capital equipment purchase. This is ideal when you have multiple low volume assemblies and all you must do is change out the tool cart, which averages to take only 30 minutes or less. The other scenario is during model-year change overs. The only new purchase you need to make is for a new tool cart. The HA-ModXL is built to last well into the future with many years of service. See our flyer below to learn more about the HA-ModXL.

HA-ModXL Assembly Platform
Download PDF • 1.77MB


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