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Infrared Welding with a HS6000!

Infrared welding is a complex process that requires a delicate balance of multiple machine capabilities. At HA Industries, infrared welding is just as much an art as it is science.

Infrared Welding

To start, infrared welding utilizes quartz infrared emitters to provide a non-contact, no-mess solution. It is highly effective and efficient for joining plastic components in the automotive, appliance and specialty markets, to name a few. The next key feature is control. HA Industries infrared welders utilize phase-angle power controllers for precise adjustment of the infrared emitters. From the HMI, the user is able to change infrared emitter zone settings by monitoring voltage and time. These controllers are optimized for infrared heating and reduce flickering, unlike the competition, and they protect the process and minimize EMC emission levels. Unique to HA Industries is our heater failure detection. Each emitter is monitored individually so maintenance can quickly locate a failed infrared emitter. All current HA Industries infrared welders utilize servo-controlled motions. This smooth automation provides us with precise control and adjustment for tool tuning.

The HA Industries HS6000 Infrared welder is horizontally orientated and capable of assembling a 60 x 30 inch part. This could include dash panels, air ducts, trim pieces, door panels, etc. As with a majority of our equipment, the HS6000 can accommodate interchangeable tooling to provide lasting value for your evolving components.

Contact us today to see how the HS6000 and infrared technology can complement your assembly needs!


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