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HA Industries' fastener driving machines (secondaries) are a proven solution of increasing manufacturing productivity while reducing associated quality problems. These machines are designed to be uncomplicated and dependable. Manual attachment of clips, palnuts, rivets, screws or nuts can be a challenging assembly process for operators. Fasteners that are incorrectly driven onto parts will fall off, resulting in quality problems/issues and impact warranty costs. HA Industries' fastener equipment are designed and built to the same standards as our other machines so you know you will get a properly seated component, every time.


Features & Benefits

  • Fast, Consistant, Repeatable

  • Torque and location verification

  • Stud and screw driving

  • Dowel press

  • Clip driving

  • Assorted metal or plastic fastener placement

  • Multi-axis tooling

  • Fastener change-over

  • Feeder bowl integrations

  • Single and multiple station machines

  • Robotic Integration


  • Door panels

  • Automotive grilles

  • Quarter panels

  • Instrument panels

  • Appliance components

  • Body Side Molding

  • Tab Bending

  • Clip Driving

  • Snap Fastening

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Application Highlight

  • Automotive grilles


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