Hot Plate Welding

An HA Industries Hot Plate welding machine can be widely used for large part assemblies and some of the most challenging materials. Utilizing a temperature controlled heat platen, two part halves are brought together to begin the melting cycle. The parts are melted for a predetermined amount of time for surface preparation and to properly heat the subsurface of the joint area. The parts are then separated, the heat plate is removed, and both parts are brought together to form a very strong bond, and held for the proper amount of seal time and seal depth. Some of the benefits of Hot Plate welding include:

  • Compatibility with most thermoplastics
  • Capability of welding large assembly components
  • Strong sealing method
  • Cost effective

A Hot Plate welder from HA Industries is available in both a vertical or horizontal machine configuration. Working with our in-house design, mechanical, and electrical expertise will ensure you get the appropriate welder for your application. Talk with us to determine if Hot Plate welding is the solution for your system. Common applications for Hot Plate welders include:

  • Assembly of battery housings
  • Fluid reservoirs
  • Light housings
  • Or other challenging plastics joining applications where cost effective methods and strong seals are crucial