Ultrasonic Welding

At HA Industries, let our extensive in-house mechanical and electrical expertise deliver you a field proven assembly solution with ultrasonic welding. Whether you need to join plastic to plastic, plastic to vinyl or plastic to metal, we can provide your functional or decorative part the appropriate solution.

With Ultrasonic welding, a joint is created from the conversion of friction and vibration energy into heat. This heat then melts the plastic, forming a molecular bond that is fast and clean. Ultrasonic welding from HA Industries is an efficient process used in a variety of applications where surface joining is required. Some of the benefits include:

  • Flexible and versatile
  • Consistent and repeatable
  • Very rapid weld time confined to the bonding or joint area
  • Can replace fasteners and adhesives

An HA Industries Ultrasonic welder can monitor sonic welder status for proper material bonding, giving you the best weld possible. Welder slide force control assures proper weld process along with multiple tooling platens guided on four precision posts for consistent welding action. Some of the applications that ultrasonic works well for:

  • Bonding or spot welding
  • Degate injection molded runners
  • Difficult applications where bosses and stakes are not available
  • Threaded inserts

Ultrasonic Welding Brochure