Infrared Welding

Infrared Welding is the process of joining plastic components with the use of electric quartz glass infrared emitters. It is a complex assembly method that requires a delicate balance of machine capabilities such as accurately regulated parameters including time, temperature and tool positioning.

HA Industries is the world leader in Infrared Welding equipment, technology and innovation, with over 150 applications in the field. In January 2010, HA Industries introduced a completely new series of infrared welding machines that strengthens our position in the market by offering state-of-the-art technology in many integrating components and systems encountered in these equipments. Our standard features are necessary to maintain stable processes for the broad range of resins and materials available in the market. Please read below for the many benefits of choosing Infrared Welding from HA Industries:

Infrared Welding Brochure

  • No restriction on contour parting lines
  • Part mismatch not a concern as light can be adjusted to match the molding process
  • Parts are never physically touched by the heating elements, therefore sealing surfaces are always more consistent
  • Able to hold tighter part dimension tolerances
  • Lower injection tool costs due to joint design
  • Enables assembly of components inside housing prior to welding
  • Controlled infrared heat source, multiple temperatures on same fixture
  • Lower energy costs, Instant heat on / off
  • Set up and changeover tooling faster than hot plate welding
  • Proprietary IR source from Emitted Energy
  • Heating is precisely targeted to the components
  • No backup tooling required
  • No part sticking as this is a non-contact process
  • Hermetic sealing of the parts
  • Machines are capable of running multiple tools with quick changeover

Cost Advantages

  • Creates value for future designs by offering greater design flexibility
  • Reduce injection tooling costs
  • No cost to convert present design to IR welding
  • Improved part quality
  • Improves supplier ability to respond quickly to customer needs
  • Reduce overall costs on every program
  • Reduce energy costs significantly

VS1500 Infrared

  • 15 inches (381 mm) tooling space
  • Fully servo driven
  • Overall dimensions: 90 in. (2286mm) Wide x 90 in. (2286mm) Deep x 125 in. (3175mm) Tall
  • Ideal for small components
  • Integrated safety features
  • Automatic door closure
  • Full sheet metal enclosure
VS1500 Infrared Welder

VS2000 Infrared

  • 20 inches (508 mm) tooling space
  • Fully servo driven
  • Overall dimensions: 90 in. (2286mm) Wide x 90 in. (2286mm) Deep x 125 in. (3175mm) Tall
  • Ideal for small to medium components, such as air and oil filters
  • Automatic door closure
  • Integrated safety features
VS2000 Infrared Welder

VS4500 Infrared

  • 45 inches (1143 mm) tooling space
  • Most popular machine, Ideal for most components
  • Overall Dimensions: 135 in. (3429mm) Wide x 175 in. (4445mm) Deep x 100 in. (2540mm) Tall
  • Fully servo driven
  • Integrate with thermal imaging and load cell verification
  • Quick and easy tool changes
  • Integrated safety light curtains
  • Infrared emitter failure detection
VS4500 Infrared Welder

HS6000 Infrared

  • 60 inches (1524 mm) tooling space
  • Largest machine we offer, Ideal for large components such as automotive instrument panels and dashes
  • Overall Dimensions: 154 in. (3912mm) Wide x 184 in. (4674mm) Deep x 140 in. (3556mm) Tall
  • Integrate with thermal imaging and load cell verification
  • Fully servo driven
  • Run two separate tools simultaneously or one large tool fixture
  • Infrared emitter failure detection
  • Integrated safety light curtains
HS6000 Infrared Welder

Specialty Infrared

  • An Infrared Machine for completely custom applications
  • Unique orientations and unique features
  • Assemble components that may need an additional step all in one machine
  • Integrate barcode printers, label attachments, parts painters, etc.
  • Built specifically to your needs from mild to wild