Fastener Driving Systems

HA Industries Fastener Driving machines are a proven solution of increasing manufacturing productivity while reducing and associated quality problems. These machines are designed to be uncomplicated and dependable. Our unique modular driver design and 3-axis tooling configuration allow you to quickly and easily accommodate most component design changes. These features also allow adaptation to future programs and to simultaneously drive fasteners at virtually any angle. These machines feature the following:

  • Faster, consistent, repeatable
  • Torque and location verification
  • Parts presence sensors
  • Feeder bowls
  • Modular design
  • Multi-axis tooling
  • Single and multiple station machines
  • Clips, screws, palnuts and more...
  • Fastener change over
  • No part or tooling contamination
  • Lower initial and operating costs

Manual attachment of clips, palnuts, screws and rivets to a component can be a challenging assembly process. Fasteners that are not correctly driven onto the part will fall off, resulting in quality problems and issues, and impact warranty costs. HA Industries fastener machines are designed and built to the same standards as our other machines so you know you will get a properly seated component all the time. Stud and screw driving, dowel press, assorted metal or plastic fastener placement, clip driving and more... HA will provide the most economical machine and work station to meet your requirements.

These machines are commonly used for these components:

  • Automotive components:
  • Door panels
  • Grills
  • Quarter panels
  • Instrument panels
  • Interior components
  • Appliance components

Fastener Driving Systems Brochure