Pierce, Punch, Trim & Degate Fixtures

HA Industries Punch and Degating machines are built to our rugged and durable construction standards, which make them some of the longest lasting machines in the field. These machines are fully automated, capable of performing multiple operations at once. Fixture controls are kept simple, yet provide flexibility for setup. adjustment and maintenance. Machine functions include:

  • Consistent, precise trim quality
  • Change punch die-sets in minutes
  • Remove gates from multiple angles and also recessed areas
  • Fast, simple operation
  • Safer and more efficient than manual degating
  • Organized waste removal

With HA Pierce, Punch, Trim and Degate Fixtures, customers experience greater control of the process, eliminating part marring and damage often found with manual operations. With cutters confined inside the machine area, the work environment is safer. Part processing and handling time is much faster, and the ability to remove difficult gates from severely angled and recessed areas provide you with greater product design flexibility. The results are higher work piece quality with reduced rejects, scrap and warranty costs. Our rigorous design and construction standards provide years of durability and reliable operation with agile design for future part integration.

These machines are commonly used for these components:

  • Automotive interior trim pieces
  • Automotive bumpers and grills
  • Plastic molded parts
  • Injection molded parts

Degate Fixtures Brochure

Punch and Trim Fixtures Brochure